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Project Brief

Ultrafine Grained Titanium for Near-net Shape Forging - A Pathway to Titanium Market Expansion

Develop a novel, ultrafine-grained titanium billet fabrication process that will advance U.S. leadership in titanium metals by enabling bulk, near-net-shape forging of titanium alloys into complex components.

Sponsor: ATI Allvac

2020 Ashcraft Avenue
Monroe, NC 28110
  • Project Performance Period: 11/1/2007 - 12/31/2011
  • Total project (est.): $6,568,046.00
  • Requested ATP funds: $3,267,670.00

Lightweight, high-strength titanium alloys are highly desirable for a wide range of industrial applications, but their use is limited because of the high costs associated with poor manufacturing yield. It is difficult to form these high-strength alloys into complex final shapes. Typical complex forgings now result in machine scrap rates higher than 70 percent to produce the final shape. A joint cooperation between ATI Allvac and GE Global Research (Niskayuna, N.Y.) has proposed a project to develop a novel, ultrafine-grained titanium billet fabrication process that will improve the U.S. titanium metals industry by enabling bulk near-net shape forging of structural alloys into complex components for aviation, energy, transportation and military markets. Machining costs could be reduced by 50 percent, and scrap rates of the expensive titanium could be reduced to less than 35 percent. The project will require substantial scientific and engineering innovations in alloy chemistry, microstructural control, deformation processing and die design. If successful, the project will enable widespread implementation of bulk, near-net shape forging technology for titanium alloys with productivity improvements leading to a further expansion of the titanium market, potentially creating many additional U.S. jobs in the primary production, metalworking, and titanium products industries.

For project information:
Dan Greenfield, (412) 394-3004

Active Project Participants
  • GE Global Research (Niskayuna, NY)
    [Original, Active Member]

ATP Project Manager
Jean-Louis Staudenmann, (301) 975-4866

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